Japan is the land of manga and it is therefore normal that several awards are dedicated to this genre of art. The comic can count on several exceptional prizes, such as the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award, one of the most important together with that awarded by one of the most well-known publishers such as: Shogakukan.

In fact, the publisher holds the Shogakukan Manga Awards, a competition divided into categories that also accepts nominations from manga published by the competitors. Over the years it has become one of the most coveted awards and applications for the 2022 edition are now open. 68th Shogakukan Manga Award sees these titles in the Shonen category:

  • Kotoyama's Call of the Night;
  • Maoto Akui's Blue Orchestra;
  • Sakamoto Days by Yuto Suzuki;

The work published in Weekly Shonen Jump certainly stands out, but not only because it will have two not insignificant competitors. Then there is the Kodomo category, or manga for children:

  • Satoshi Kisaichi's Black Channel;
  • Minori Kurosaki's Ui x Kon;

There is also the girls section with four titles:

  • Ai Minase's Seishun Heavy Rotation;
  • Rei Tomas The King's Beast;
  • Hinao Wono's Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka na Kanojo;
  • Suu Morishita's "A Token of Affection";

Finally, there is the most awaited category, that of best manga with four other candidate titles:

  • Chi: The movement of the earthfrom Uotus;
  • Showa Tenno Monogatari by Junichi Nojo and Kazutoshi Hando;
  • Bloodstains by Shuzo Oshimi;
  • Tsurumaikada Medalist.

There are several big names in the different categories, which one would you like to win? In 2021, Komi-san won, while 2020 was Chainsaw Man's turn.

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