Takehiko Inoue is a mangaka that has existed in Japanese circles for years. Its popularity grew disproportionately with it Slam dunk, Manga about basketball published in Weekly Shonen Jump, which was recently revived with both a special edition and the new illustrative volume PLUS / Slam Dunk 2.

However, the mangaka is also known for vagabond where Inoue really got into the illustration front. If he wasn't joking in Slam Dunk, in rover The Japanese cartoonist made really spectacular and unique drawings. There are few who could afford to compete with him in this regard.

An unofficial Inoue account run by some of his fans shared a historical line from the mangaka: "There is nothing more important than the eyes. Once the eyes are drawn, the character is alive", a phrase that is interpreted not only in the field of drawing but also in real life. Fans decided to add a collage of photos to the phrase showing four images of Vagabond's protagonist Miyamoto Musashi.

The image you can see below vibrates with life thanks to the gaze of the characters in the four photos. Inoue has now returned to delight the fans with the new chapters from Real.

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