On August 6th, the last chapter of the manga was written and illustrated by Kyouhei Tawara, Rengoku no Toshi. The fifth and final compilation volume will be published in October this year.

Tawara began publishing the manga through the website Shonen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha in August 2019. The publisher published the third compilation volume on June 5th and the fourth on August 4th.

In addition, it was reported in July of this year that this manga had more than 100,000 copies in circulation that had accumulated between the physical and digital versions of its four compilation volumes published by then.

Rengoku no Toshi Synopsis

Makoto is a boy who is in love with his childhood friend, Ai. However, every night his dreams are haunted by a strange scene in which he finds himself in a station he does not recognize. The curtain opens on a story of love and tension with multiple touches of survival.

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