On June 26, 1997 in Japan, the famous Bandai company released the first version of Digital Virtual Pet, an electronic game very similar to Tamagotchi that asks the player to take care of a pet that can evolve. An idea that then took shape with the intervention of Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation in the franchise Digimon.

You are passed Exactly 25 years since the release of the Digital Virtual Pet, and to date sales total around 24 million units worldwide, not counting of course the rest of the merchandise that is constantly being produced through the regular release of series and movies. The 2020 reboot series, inspired by the first historical Digimon Adventure, has already demonstrated it some level of originality in dealing with previously narrated events, also reveals a certain courage to upset transformations and rather important moments in both the story and the fans' memory.

This will surely lead to further development of the franchise and to remember the origins of everything, the DigiWorld, the Digivice and the adventures of the DigiPrecelti, longtime fans wanted to celebrate 25 years by sharing images of the anime. Photos of their Digital Virtual Pet collectionsFanart and nostalgic news that you can see and read in the posts at the bottom of the page.

Finally we leave you our review of Digimon Adventure and a fantastic figure from Angemon.

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