That Disney Princesses for years they have been icons of beauty and innocence, but rarely of action or courage. Trapped in evil, imprisoned by witches, fleeing from various kinds of dangers, they were always at the mercy of events, waiting for an enchanting prince to come and rescue them.

There are few Disney films that fall outside of this fictional genre, especially the more recent ones. So how do you feel about characters like Snow White, one of the Disney classics but also the oldest and therefore of a culture that dates back to the last century? Armored Heart Cosplayer will give you one very different take on the Disney Princess.

Not a fluttering dress that restricts movement, but white pants. The blue bodice will also be modified along with leather armor to be more resilient. In the left hand instead there is a sword with a black blade, and on the right we see an iron-tipped gauntlet. In short, this is a Warrior and well-armed Snow White cosplaylike you'll probably never see in Disney world.

Here is a normal Snow White cosplay like in the 30's movies instead, while the changing universe here is a cosplay of Ariel always from the Disney world.

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