Vegapunk has drawn the ire and dislike of the world government, which has certainly not stood idly by. This explains the CP0's presence in Egghead, the new island discovered by Luffy and his crew. However, a challenge could take place in this forgotten place, which will be a return to the past ONE PIECE.

Vegapunk manages to get Luffy's approval and will board the Thousand Sunny with him to escape Egghead and seek shelter from the World Government's assassination attempts. Meanwhile, Rob Lucci has landed with his companions Kaku and Stussy. It takes little to review Rob Lucci's brutality against Atlas in Chapter 1068, but the ending is reminiscent of an encounter that took place some time ago.

In ONE PIECE 1069, Rob Lucci and Luffy meet. The two spotted each other, which unleashed a wide range of possibilities. A second clash between the two enemies can't be ruled out, but it would still be a repeat of a fight that wouldn't make sense given Luffy's newfound strength. On the other hand, Rob Lucci is also unlikely to retire due to his pride and predatory nature. There's a chance it's Luffy instead who decides to leave to keep Bonney and the others safe.

fact is that Possible interventions should also be consideredmaybe a Seraphim freed by Vegapunks, or even another high-profile character, like an incoming Kuma Bartholomew with his pad-pad fruit, or a naval support from the nearby base.

ONE PIECE 1069 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday, December 11th at 16:00.

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