Animax Asia has announced that the new animated series from Fruit basket will air on February 22nd and two episodes will air every Monday and Tuesday. The first season aired in Japan in April 2019 and was divided into 25 episodes.

The anime will also have a final season titled Fruit basket the finalewhich will air in April. The 2019 and 2020 cartoon series adapted Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket Manga. The adaptation has a new Japanese cast, but some of the previous cast members have been retained as requested by Takaya. The anime will tell the story in full.

Yoshide Ibata ((Pikaia !!, Progressive FLCL) returned to TMS Entertainment as the new season director. Taku Kishimoto ((Silver spoon, Haikyu !!, 91 days, Hanebad!) was responsible for the scripts for the series. Masaru Shindo ((Macross Delta, my teen romantic comedy SNAFU) has returned to take care of the character design. Mangaka Takaya, on the other hand, will oversee all the work.

Right now we know that the anime will end with the third season in 2021 and Fruits Basket 2 will be released in Japan on April 6th.

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