While Ultraman was disappointed with the umpteenth postponement caused by the pandemic, which this time affected the film Shin Ultraman, directed by Hideaki Anno. Tsuburaya Productions wanted to surprise fans with the announcement of a live-action series that will debut on Tokyo TV on October 10th July.

By title Ultraman triggerThis series pays full homage to Ultraman Tiga, who this year celebrates 25 years after its first release. The new hero Ultraman Trigger is a giant of light who has been slumbering since his great battle against the dark forces, which took place more than 30 million years ago, and decides to work together Kengo Manaka, the new member of the GUTS Select team of expertsto fight monsters and creatures that threaten the earth.

The series has been directed by Koichi Sakamoto, an expert on the series who has worked on several adaptations related to the franchise in the past, while Kengo was selected for the role of protagonist Raiga Terasaka. To showcase this interesting project, Tsuburaya Productions has released the trailer, poster and promotional images that you can find at the top and bottom of the page. As can be seen from the sequences Ultraman Trigger can take three different formsThat of Pure Power, Power Type, a level focused on speed, Sky Type and finally Multi Type in its natural form.

Remember, Marvel Comics announced The Trials of Ultraman, and we're leaving you with the first trailer of the Shin Ultraman movie.

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