In the last few hours we were finally able to see the trailer for the fourth season of Haikyu !: The famous mangaka for the occasion Haruichi Furudate decided to share this unreleased poster with fans of the series.

As you know, the fourth season of the show was postponed due to the coronavirus emergency that didn't allow it TOHO study work on the next unreleased episodes of Haikyu right in time for summer! Now very little is missing from the airing of the second part of the fourth season, which will debut on October 2nd, for the occasion that Haruichi Furudate designed and shared the image you can find at the bottom of the news: a poster , which is dedicated to the game against the fearsome opponents of Karasuno High School Inarizaki High School. The drawing was tweeted from the anime's official account and, with almost 80,000 likes and more than a hundred comments, was a huge hit among all fans.

Thus the sporting event of the tournament will be continued "Spring Nationals", an event where we find the protagonists Shoyo Hinata, Tobuo Kageyama and the other characters who appear in the episodes of the series. We remember that the first two seasons of Haikyu! in the Netflix catalogWe are waiting for more official information and we leave you with our review of the first part of Haikyu! 4th

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