Announcing the return of the irreverent Vash the Stampede with a new anime series, Trigun Stampede shocked thousands of fans of the steampunk universe created by Yasuhiro Nightow. The series was presented as a remake of the 1998 anime, and by going into more detail, director Kenji Muto has clarified the aims of the production.

In addition to repeating the idea that Trigun will be Stampede a fresh start for the entire franchiseMuta explained that the artist group of the animation studio Orange approached the project with the intention β€œDefine the meaning of creating such a job as Entertainment for the times we live in' which likely led to the decision to use CGI as shown in the first trailer.

The director went on to discuss what to expect from Vash's return to screens, saying: "Even though it's a sci-fi story, we wanted to create a world that was consistent with our reality. We feel close and connected to the characters doing what they want in this world. Sara a series full of spectacular action sceneswhere outlaws, sheriffs and gunslingers constantly face off.

Finally, Muto spoke about his role: "It's about mine directorial debut, so maybe not perfect. But I'm confident that it will be appreciated as a product. Enjoy following the journey of the invincible Vash the Stampede who never stops fleeing the noise of bullets and violence.

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