The last work of Hiro Mashima, Eden zero, is now about to reach its 200th chapter, and although the anime has caused much disappointment, fans continue to follow the journey of Shiki and his companions with enthusiasm. And it often happens that the author himself surprises her with unpublished illustrations and sketches.

there Growth and development of some characters Main and Secondary is certainly one of the aspects most appreciated by the community. This applies in particular to Homura Kogetsuoriginally Valkyrie Homura, is a swordswoman from the planet Oedo who will join the crew of the Edens Zero, happy to finally have friends and companions.

Mashima has shown on several occasions that he is particularly attached to the character, although Homura can only actually be translated based on the name he gave her as "flame', and this time he decided to dedicate the gorgeous illustration at the bottom of the page to her. The beautiful and determined Homura was represented with a different kimono than in the manga, characterized by a gold color and concentric black symbols, and which leaves the girl's shoulders and part of the back uncovered. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with an original illustration dedicated to Sister Ivry.

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