The public now knows well that a Anime in programming or on the radio drives sales of the manga corresponding. We've seen it over the past few years with the exaggerated sales of Demon Slayer, with the explosion of Jujutsu Kaisen, and the first timid leads from Chainsaw Man. And now it's your turn Tokyo Revengers.

During the spring season, the anime Tokyo Revengers made its debut based on the manga of the same name by Ken Wakui. And the first month of broadcasting was enough to kickstart sales of the original work. The Tokyo Revengers Manga has increased the circulation from 8.5 million copies at the end of March to over 14.5 million copies today.

This means that the anime caused a Tokyo Revengers Sales Increase 670%, Numbers that will undoubtedly grow as the show progresses. In fact, the Tokyo Revengers anime will be 24 episodes, and that means there will be another six months of boost. As Kodansha admitted, the success was far greater than expected.

Sensei Wakui started the manga in 2017 and 2021 in Weekly Shonen Magazine could easily hit the top 10 best-selling manga of the year.

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