The series ended about a month ago The attack of the giants with the release of Chapter 139, which continues to fuel debates about himself and spark discussions among millions of fans around the world, many of whom were both surprised and disappointed at the same time as the author appears to have quickened the course of events.

For this reason, in a recent interview, the detailed summary of which can be found in the three articles at the bottom of the page Hajime Isayama discussed the final stages of productionThink in detail about the difficult decisions about the ultimate climax. After the author had rated many of the readers' reactions, he justified himself by illustrating such a delicate conversation as the one between Armin and Eren. without bringing out the true message he was trying to giveIt was extremely complicated and doesn't seem to have worked out entirely.

Indeed, according to some readers Armin would thank Eren for becoming a mass destroyer, a terrible murderer who nevertheless managed to save humanity. Of course, this was not what Isayama wanted to convey, Armin does not approve of Eren's actions and for this reason too he repeated the addition of other boards in the last Tankobon of the series and revealed the same thing Bessatsu Shonen Magazine had imposed the 51-page limit on him for chapter 139.

Recall that Isayama released a new and touching piece of art for the finale, and we'll leave you to our review of the attack of the giants manga.

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