Doraemon: the mystery of the lost episode, a disturbing legend

The entire popular culture, especially with regards to long-standing works, is characterized by disturbing mysteries still at the mercy of denials and incongruent voices. There is a story, in fact, that tells of a mysterious episode of Doraemon entitled "Lost Episode" today.

Despite the 50 years of Doraemon's life, the most famous space cat in the world still manages to excite and fascinate millions of fans around the world, to the point that at home there are shops entirely dedicated to the franchise. Still, this incredible popularity could not mask a dark halo that characterizes the series. We are talking about the mysterious of the mysterious "Lost episode".

The mysterious legend behind this phantom episode begins in 1996, when the author of Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio, disappeared due to liver cancer. At midnight on that April day, it was broadcast on television an unedited episode of the anime, which truthfulness is characterized by several rumors that witnessed the episode. It seems, however, that different versions of the "Lost Episode" were broadcast, a reason that prompted most to discuss the actual authenticity of the event. Either way, the two most trusted and popular versions here follow:

  • In the first version, Nobita and Doreamon travel to the afterlife to shop. After meeting people who speak an incomprehensible language, the two go to a particular room where there is a huge world globe. Suddenly, the world map begins to break and blood begins to flow from the cracks. The episode ends abruptly with the closing credits in front of the terrified tears of Nobita and Doraemon;
  • The second version, as well as the most accredited one e even testified by an image, the same one that we have attached to you at the bottom of the news, portrays Doraemon and Nobita walking for 10 minutes. Just before the end of the episode, the protagonist turns to the audience and reads: "now I have to go";

Regarding the latter version, it is rumored that the episode had also been broadcast on the net, but currently it seems impossible to trace it. And you, on the other hand, what did you think of this urban legend, did you know it? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below.

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