Covid-19 has slowed down both the animation and publishing industries, with several magazines having to put a stop to the serialization of some works. In any case, with the lifting of the state of emergency in Japan, the comics sector also started to work again and, with it, also The attack of the Giants.

Last month, in fact, Hajime Isayama was forced to a forced break due to the sudden stop of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, magazine on which the manga has been serialized since its debut. After the overthrow of the front, with the Colossal Giants now near the banks of Marley, Armin was forced to make a drastic decision with Connie. In any case, we will only know the continuation of the battle with the new and highly anticipated chapter.

In fact, Isayama sensei has confirmed that not only will the magazine be published regularly on June 9th but that it even has overnight finished chapter 129, delivering the manuscript for publication to the publishing house. We just have to wait a little over a week to know the first spoilers of the new episode of The Attack of the Giants.

And you, however, are you happy with the return of the manga after the first break from the beginning of the series? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below. But speaking of the franchise, what do you think of this incredible cosplay that turns the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Device into reality?

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