There are several services Manga simulpub online. The best known is certainly Shueisha's Manga Plus, the portal that offers translations into English and other languages โ€‹โ€‹of ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and many other famous titles. Kodansha, on the other hand, who has been in the industry for a long time, has always given his manga to external portals.

In fact, the collaboration between Kodansha and Crunchyroll dates back to the early 2010s, but the publisher then expanded by also selling the simulpub rights of its manga to portals like Comixology and Azuki. However, things are changing quickly. A few months ago, Kodansha removed titles from Azuki and suspended others, some of which were re-released at the same time as the release in Japan.

now Both Azuki and Crunchyroll share that Kodansha enforced the elimination of manga in simulpub published on these platforms. The manga removed by Crunchyroll are as follows:

  • A token of affection;
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card;
  • drifting kites;
  • Farewell, my dear Cramer;
  • Fire department;
  • in/ghost;
  • Brothers in Space - Uchu Kyodai;
  • fairy tale;
  • slime life;
  • Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm;
  • The World of Summoning;
  • to your eternity;
  • Toppu GP;
  • Wave, listen to me!;

Important titles stand out in the list, such as the works of Hiro Mashima, but also Fire Force and Brothers in Space. Instead, Azuki warns that these will be the chapters that will be removed from his platform:

  • A token of affection Chapter: 20ex-32
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Map Chapters: 50-69
  • Drifting Dragons Chapters: 57-78
  • EDEN ZERO Chapters: 132-222
  • Brothers in Space - Uchu Kyodai Chapters: 377-395
  • The Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm Chapters: 20-54
  • The World of Summoning Chapters: 1-11
  • To Your Eternity Chapters: 147-165.2
  • Toppu GP Chapters: 29-79
  • Wave, listen to me! Chapters: 65-86

However, the other series not listed remain available. The voices they desire are therefore becoming ever more insistent Kodansha launched her own manga plus. Meanwhile, Square Enix has also released Manga Up! making the app global, but not without problems. However, the management of the publishers seems to be looking closely at the international market and increasing its presence in this sector.

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