Episode 5 of Tokyo Revengers has been severely shortened and censored several times due to the similarity between the Manji symbol and the Nazi swastika. Crunchyroll used lighting effects, sudden zooms and pans to hide the symbol while cutting out some scenes from the original version that aired in Japan.

The Manji symbol has Asian origins and has been a symbol of prosperity, prosperity and luck for centuries. Though related to Buddhism and peace, The symbol is also very similar to the Nazi swastika (Change the verse) and consequently it seems that Crunchyroll decided to avoid controversy by completely censoring it. In the Ken Wakui series, the Manji appears all the time, so it will be interesting to see how the platform handles censorship over the long term.

However, fans don't seem to have particularly appreciated the choice of station that defines censorship out of context. Crunchyroll France replied to a fan that "this is the version from Japan" and that "It is strictly forbidden to retouch or modify the episodes"Oddly enough, the anime was aired uncensored in Japan, so we'll have to wait to find out who really made the decision.

The anime can be called a success in all cases, and the excellent reviews appear to have boosted sales of the manga, which has seen sales grow 670% in recent weeks. We remind you that the Tokyo Revengers anime will be made up of two cours, so we can expect its popularity to grow before the fall of this year.

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