The new four emperors of ONE PIECE are already sailing the seas. After the rise that took him to Kaido and Big Mom's place, Luffy has already had to deal with other opponents. Obviously, among the four emperors, he is not the only one, because another of these four has also made his move.

The ONE PIECE 1076 spoiler complete of the images available in the gallery below begins with a cover of Weekly Shonen Jump, where Luffy is officially dating Vegapunk in color for the first time, but the chapter begins with a full-color spread featuring all the Mugiwara dressed in casual suits are dressed, which then interrupts the flow of mini-adventures.

Then the story entitled "Old Friends" begins, Title of ONE PIECE 1076, with Zorro hearing Nami's scream and deciding to free the two from CP0 as they need to deal with the Seraphim as soon as possible in order to be able to protect both Vegapunk and the satellites but more importantly their crewmates. Kaku then agrees to be handcuffed again after the fight, while Lucci says he won't go after the other Mugiwara, only Luffy, and only after the latter's death will he go after the others. Zoro still doesn't trust them, but two clashes begin: S-Bear VS Luffy and Lucci, S-Hawk VS Zoro and Kaku. S-Hawk has the same power as Baroque Works' Daz Bornes, with the ability to transform into metal. Luffy fights in Gear Fourth while Lucci is in unawakened hybrid form; Kaku, on the other hand, does not transform.

In another Egghead room, Vegapunk was handcuffed and put in a cellwith a trickle of blood dripping from his forehead. In the same cell are some CP agents who have been imprisoned there for the past few months. Vegapunk doesn't know how he ended up in Egghead's prison and is also curious how his research on poneglyphs could have been discovered by the world government. Meanwhile, a Navy notice warns that up to a hundred ships may be arriving at Egghead.

Then we change the landscape and continue to Elbaf. Shanks and the others are at a bar near the shore, and a giant child asks him to join his crew, but the Emperor refuses. Several ships in his fleet lie near the coast, warning of the arrival of the Kid's pirates. With Shanks are Dorry, Brogy, Oimo, Karsee and other giants drinking with him. The Emperor urges Rockstar to speak to the child, prompting him to warn him that he must drop his street poneglyphs or fight. On Kid's ship, Killer warns his captain of danger and that this time things could end up being worse. But Kid doesn't want to think about it. ONE PIECE 1076 ends here and is on hiatus next week.

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