Tokyo Ghoul: Who are the clowns and what do they want?  This is what we know

The clowns, or pierrots, are a group of ghouls that appeared in the history of the Tokyo Ghoul. The entry of this hedonistic and terrible group immediately demonstrated the destructive power at their disposal. But who they really are and what they want remains a mystery.

The information we have about this organization is very little indeed. We just know that they move in groups, meet occasionally, and You wear a clown mask. The only purpose the clowns currently state is this they "have the last laugh". What exactly this statement means remains a mystery to this day.

Apparently this group is acting for sheer fun, but they play a central role in the story of Tokyo Ghoul. The CCG also tried to investigate the clowns But your databases are also poor in information. The only thing that is certain is that the investigators don't like to meet these shady characters.

For now, that's all we know, but we are sure that this is also slowly happening This secret is revealed to us. We are waiting for new details and we remind you that the masks inspired by the world of the Tokyo Ghoul have been launched. For the curious, we also leave you an in-depth analysis of what Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul would be like if he were the hero of Demon Slayer or Naruto.

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