Mortal sins are important elements of the Bible and of all Christian religions and traditions. Mangaka Nakaba Suzuki decided to take those sins and introduce them to a completely different world that instead was inspired by the Arthurian world and breathed life into it The seven deadly sinswhich had a long and successful release.

This is confirmed by the fact that fresh cosplays of Elizabeth Liones and other characters from The Seven Deadly Sins are still circulating today, several years after the conclusion, which took place two years ago in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Obviously, not only is the female protagonist who accompanies Meliodas at the center of the scene, but there is also room for another of the seven deadly sins.

there Giantess Diane She has always suffered from her size, having quickly strayed from the Giant Clan. The warrior will find his place in this group and will be accepted as one of the most important magic knights of the kingdom of Lionesse. Muatori created one Cosplay of a cute and smiling Diane but with the Hammer Gideon ready for action, so don't comment on her size and definitely don't make her angry or she'll land her punches manipulating the earth without a second thought.

The character could also return in the Four Knights of Apocalypse anime, the sequel just announced.

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