Weekly Young Jump is a Shueisha in-house magazine focused on its headlines. While the long-standing kingdom is still ongoing, the magazine has lost the Golden Kamui manga that ended while Kaguya-sama is nearing its end. However, a title is emerging that is gaining more and more space, Kubo won't let me be invisible.

Nene Yukimori has been publishing this story - which now has over 100 chapters - in Weekly Young Jump for several years. With his weekly stories Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible entertains thousands of readers, not only Japanese but also Western since the series has been available in English on MangaPlus for a few months. This popularity, which is also increasing in the sales of the tanko boon, has led to this Kubo won't make me invisible to get an anime.

The news had been in the air for a few days as several leakers announced a project on Kubo-san. However, now it's official with many announcements from the magazine. Also on Twitter, the official account of Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible released a key visual with the design that the two protagonists will have in the adaptation. The invisible Shiraishi is stung by the feisty Kubo, one of the few humans who can see him.

It becomes a story that follows the school events of the two in a concentration of tenderness and everyday life.

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