Among the various initiatives Marvel has launched to celebrate Spider-Man's sixtieth anniversary, there appear to be a few in addition to the relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper, which started this month an unknown project that will involve very important names in the panorama of American comics.

"Prepare yourself for something amazing","Get ready for something amazingis the slogan of a teaser poster released on Marvel's social channels. What makes this promotional image special, however, is the extensive list of names of the cartoonists involved in the project: Neil Gaiman, Armando Iannucci, Jonathan Hickman, Dan Slott, Ho Che Anderson, Kurt Busiek, Anthony Falcone, Rainbow Rowell, Jim Cheung, Oliver Coipel, and Michael Cho Terry Dodson.

All of the authors on the list have had some connection with Spider-Man in the past: Dan Slott, for example, wrote Amazing Spider-Man for over 10 yearswhile Neil Gaiman, although he never worked on the character directly, was the writer of Marvel 1602, a limited series set in a medieval universe that featured an alternate version of Spider-Man, Peter Parquagh.

What the project consists of is unclearbut the presence of the adjective "Amazing" in the teaser poster's tagline seems to indicate that it will be a celebratory take on the main Amazing Spider-Man title. The promotional image also includes a release date: August 2022the month Amazing Fantasy 15 hit US newsstands in 1962.

In the meantime, the second issue of the Spider-Man relaunch is coming on May 25th, which will reveal the details of Peter and MJ's split.

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