The Granolah saga was a very backward looking saga. To solidify the new foundations of the world, Dragon Ball Super brought Baddack as a dowry, for the first time in the manga as a protagonist for several chapters. Baddack's contribution was mixed, but it may be over now.

With Gas's defeat, Baddack has done his job. The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, which will reveal what will happen next, will not appear on the MangaPlus platform, but as has been the case for a number of years, V-Jump has leaked some Dragon Ball Super 84 spoilers officialFirst page disclosure.

The chapter is titled "The Pride of a Warrior Race" and is divided into two phases, one with flashbacks of Goku and a very discursive one. He recovers from Monaito's room, completed with the screening of the Scouter. Goku recalls several moments when he was a baby, from Gine's days to Raditz's few presences to the few contacts he had with his father until his goodbye.

Goku understands what a Saiyan's pride means, as does Vegeta, who didn't expect to learn this lesson from his rival's father. But the two don't have to atone for the sins of the Saiyans just carry on the pride. Monaito decides to change both of their clothes and give them Saiyan armor. Granolah is still passed out when Goku reveals he appreciates his old clothes more while Vegeta is irritated. However, gas reaches maximum speed.

What will this revelation bring? The two will finally be able to face off against Granolah?

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