With the announcement of the new My Hero Academia OVAs, the community ferment for season 6 of the anime has grown. However, before returning to the company of heroes, i All Might fans meet Hello Kitty fans.

After the first collaboration in 2019, the partnership between My Hero Academia and Sanrio is renewed. As revealed by the anime's official social channels from the work of Kohei Horikoshi, this mash-up will result in one new collection of crossover goods.

Most recently, Sanrio has teamed up with Jujutsu Kaisen for the release of the prequel movie. He has also signed a contract with My Hero Academia for the sixth season of the anime. Of that partnershipPresented by the image that you will find at the end of the article, some cute stuffed animals will arrive, forming cute couples.

For example, Ochaco is flanked by My Melody, Shoto by Tuxedo Sam, and Tsuyu by Frog Keroppi. Obviously the stars of the respective franchises, All Might and Hello Kitty, are paired with each other. Among the novelties of this second cast, Hawks befriends Pekkle and Endeavor in Pompompurin.

This new collection contains not only heroes but also plenty of villains. Shigaraki joins Gudetama to achieve his evil intentions while Dabi is in Hangyodon. Boruto has also worked with Sanrio, but which of the couples mentioned do you prefer?

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