The presentation of the world of The attack of the giants it wasn't the happiest. In a few seconds, the giants threatening humanity were introduced, who in some cases could watch everyone from above the walls, then humans trying to counter them with a device that allowed them to hover below others.

Those few seconds in the first gory episode of Attack of the Giants were used to introduce the Reconnaissance Army, one of the three main units of the Army of Mankind in the Walls. This group of soldiers was immediately highlighted by Eren's desires, with the protagonist wanting to join them to explore the area outside the walls. Years later, as he grew up, Eren joined this legion along with many of his other friends to fight the giants and discover their origins.

Illustrator Mai Teshima worked on theReconnaissance Army in this drawing with Eren, Levi and all the other protagonists who threw themselves into battle without fear. In the tweet shared by Attack on Titan Wiki, one of the pages dedicated to the most famous anime, Erwin stands in the foreground, behind all his comrades, all drawn in black and white with a stroke very similar to that of the TV adaptation .

Recently there was also another fan art dedicated to Eren Jaeger.

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