Studio Pierrot is one of the most famous animation studios in Japan, especially for its work on Naruto and Bleach, two of the famous Big Three. But in recent years it has also Black Clover Product, one of Weekly Shonen Jump's most famous recent fighting shonen. Black Clover anime started in October 2017 and ended in March 2021.

We have therefore achieved a standstill for the project for over a year and a half, but not inactive. Even with the animated series on hiatus indefinitely, Studio Pierrot is working on a Black Clover movie set for release in 2023, which for now could be looking at both canon scenarios and scenarios made up entirely for the occasion. We will have to wait a few more months for his return, meanwhile something is stirring in Japan.

It was announced that from October 10th Black Clover will be back on TV on Japanese channels. However, this is not a new anime, but the transmission of some selected episodes Celebrate five years of anime, which started in the fall season five years ago. It is not yet known how long this retransmission will last, but it could happen around the time the Black Clover film hits theaters. And who knows if, with their graduation, Studio Pierrot will decide to reveal to fans the return of the anime TV series.

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