It's been a busy ten years for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Hirohiko Araki, who closes the original universe clip with Stone Ocean, created an entirely different world to score Steel Ball Run, the seventh part, and then Jojolion, the eighth part. And the latter just came to an end.

However, the end of Jojolion in the final months of 2021 brought another piece of good news for fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. In fact, Hirohiko Araki does not stop and prepares the ninth part of his generational story. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Jojolands is coming out in 2023, just over a month away, and fans can't wait. So far, very little information has been released from Hirohiko Araki and Shueisha, except for a few posters. There are people who have formulated theories and hypotheses of various kinds on these few details that have been revealed. but what Jojolands fans are expecting from the series?

There was a post about it on Reddit. Obviously, a lot of requests are protagonist specific: many would like to have another main character with a handicap, as happened with Johnny Joestar, but there are also those who would like to have one more female lead à la Jolyne. Some have expressed a desire to have a fat version of Jotaro.

There are also those commenting in the stands with someone praising Queen's Radio Gaga as their name. Certainly the desire for a more resolutely female cast is a common notion of all, but above all one wonders and hopefully Jojolands will be the last Jojo in the series. And what do you expect from this project from Araki?

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