The Straw Hat crew consists of several members. There's Captain Luffy, of course, who gave the group their nickname with his iconic headgear. There's the first entry, Zoro, the swordsman who dreams of becoming the strongest of the seas, and so on. Everyone has had one turbulent and special entry among the protagonists of ONE PIECE.

As for Nico Robin, his performance was very quiet instead, at least his formal appearance. However, the true story arc that really convinced the archaeologist to become an effective member of the ONE PIECE crew arrived at Water Seven, a saga much further removed from that of Skypea. After the adventures of The Island in the Sky and Long Ring Long Land, Nico Robin had to come to terms with his past. And it was precisely from the enies-lobby war that ensued that he actually decided to become an integral part of the group.

Years later, as ONE PIECE draws to a close, the woman has confirmed herself as a major pillar of the crew and one of its strongest exponents. For fighting, she always uses her Fior Fior Devil Fruit, which allows her to summon limbs out of thin air after a certain pose. And that's exactly what Mia Green is doing in this photo posted to Reddit, where this is the case Cosplay of Nico Robin posing to use the Fior Fior. After the time skip, the archaeologist chose to wear a blue jacket and pink sarong, now one of her most iconic outfits. And what do you think of this Ofot?

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