The first drafts of Dragon Ball Super 65 left fans of the manga very perplexed. Toyotaro was attacked online for taking action. But in an interview with the editor of V-Jump we found out how the curve will continue.

After the first eight pages were published, the editor announced that there would be a big twist. We didn't know what it could be until a few hours ago, but now a spoiler image of Dragon Ball Super 65 reveals the content.

After attacking Goku, Molo appears to have regained his copy power that he stole by merging Android 73. In the picture You see him smile mockingly and recovered while in his hand he holds the red medallion in which he has locked his powers. Most of all, however, the presence of Merus' face in this medallion is surprising.

The missing angel then returns to the surprise in Dragon Ball Super even if in a way no one expected. Now Molo can use his powers, the extent of which we do not know and which could really become unbeatable for the heroes of the manga. At this point, it seems unthinkable that Goku could defeat him, which shows how ruthless he was at reestablishing his opponent in exchange for a promise he would never keep.

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