A 1000 chapter is very important in the story of a manga. It's an extraordinary milestone that shows how popular the series is. ONE PIECE is about to arrive and has decided to celebrate this milestone to the fullest. I'm waiting to find out what's going on in ONE PIECE 1000 on the occasion of theEnd ONE PIECE 992, the countdown was continued.

In fact, ONE PIECE started a countdown on social networks for several weeks, each of which is a member of the crew. With 10 members available, this countdown began with Jinbe in chapter 990 and continued with Brook in 991. The weeks of the unexpected break due to Eiichiro Oda’s illness had to be published today Countdown with ONE PIECE 992.

Follow the order backwards, This time it's Franky the cyborg's turn. During the Enies lobby saga we see the humanoid robot in a pre-timeskip version on a blue background and while he is doing his typical pose, he connects his forearms with the tattooed stars. Based on the order in which the characters joined the crew, the lovely Nico Robin will obviously be the next character to be part of this countdown. All that remains is Wait for the official release of ONE PIECE 993 to continue with this celebration.

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