It was another non-Hunter x Hunter anniversary. Yoshihiro Togashi's manga debuted 25 years ago on Weekly Shonen Jump in March, but over the past decade, the mangaka has never released any chapters during that time. Still, fans were at least partially happy with it the last set of chapterswhich ended in December.

These ten chapters had been widely announced by Togashi, who had been surprising everyone with constant communication on Twitter day after day from June 2022. However, since he created Chapter 400 of Hunter x Hunter, communication had all but ceased. There was no more information about the series and news from Weekly Shonen Jump was also expected after the last statements.

Well, after several months of nothing, we're talking about Hunter x Hunter again, and that's exactly thanks to the author, who's taking photos again and updating readers and fans from all over the world about the status of work on his manga. A few hours ago, Yoshihiro Togashi uploaded a tweet with photos showing him doing this Completion of Hunter x Hunter 401, the first chapter not yet released. The photo shows all the numbered pages of the manuscript, from 1 to 19, but there is also a comment from the mangaka.

Togashi confirms this The Hunter x Hunter cadence has not yet been decided, but now he is happy, albeit gradually, to be able to work at his desk again. However, from this moment the work on the manga will start again and therefore all the news about the release will probably arrive in the coming months.

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