Via the official account at Twitter for anime series Dragon Ball greata message of thanks was published to the singer Kiyoshi Hikawa for the interpretation of the famous theme Genkaitoppa X survivor in one of the special programs that the television station NHK performed in Japan for the New Year. The same message was used to thank the fans of the franchise and to give a small nod to the possible return date for the anime.

We thank Kiyoshi Hikawa for his interpretation of the Genkaitoppa X Survivor theme! Your presentation was amazing! We wish everyone and the Dragon Ball Super Anime all the best for 2021!

Unfortunately, there is still no official information on whether the series will continue or whether the recently completed Arco de Moro will be adapted to anime. Remember that the Twitter account for Dragon Ball Super is managed by the studios Toei animationwho are currently working on the popular series One piece and in the remake of Digimon adventure.

Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou began publishing the manga by Dragon Ball great through the magazine V jump from the publisher Shueisha The publisher published the thirteenth compilation volume on August 13 and the fourteenth on December 4. The piece inspired a 131 episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. Toei animation, Headed by Kimitoshi Chioka and scripts from Toriyama, published July 2015.

Dragon Ball Super Synopsis

Seven years have passed since the events of Dragon Ball Z, the earth is at peace and people live free with no dangers lurking in the universe. However, this peace is only temporary as an evil being emerges from the depths of the darkness of the galaxy: Beerus, the god of destruction.

Troubled by a prophecy suggesting that he would be defeated by a "Super Saiyan God", Beerus and his angelic assistant Whis set out to explore the universe in search of this mysterious life form. It doesn't take long to reach Earth, where you'll find Goku, one of the most powerful warriors on the planet.

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