The Seven Deadly Sins: Spoilers and Texts for the New Mysterious Chapter of the Manga

In a few days, the third season of The Seven Deadly Sins will hit Netflix, while those on par with the anime are already waiting for the fourth season, which will come out in January 2021. But fans of the manga, which has been ending for several months, were delighted to hear about a new, self-contained chapter in the story that will appear in a few days.

The One Shot of Seven Deadly Sins will be published in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, but the spoilers have already revealed the content and some of the text of the chapter. Let's see what will happen in this story that focuses on Ban and Elaine's son Lancelot.

The Fairy King's Forest is now ruled by a human king. Prohibitionand a queen of the fairies, Elaine. The duo lives in peace and harmony and has also opened doors for people. However, one of them on the edge of the forest tries to trick a few fairies until a pretty fairy arrives. The man tries to kidnap her, but she escapes and hits him to show herself Lancelot. After letting the man escape, the one who is actually a man becomes angry as more and more fraudsters approach the kingdom. Once he has put off his anger, he goes to his father, Ban, to ask him to pay more attention.

Lancelot then meets his teacher Jericho and shows that he also has the ability to read the minds of others, Skills acquired after fighting with Tristan which also caused a scar on his forehead and which he is trying to hide with long hair. Because of this power, he is always confused by a girl and another thought about Jericho seems to be the drop that flows over the vase.

The boy decides to cut his hair while a strange phenomenon occurs in the kingdom. Ban is asked to investigate some strange enforced disappearances in the UK that even Meliodas couldn't solve. Together with the son, Ban searches for clues in the area where the last victim disappeared, the fraudster turned away from Lancelot. However, you can't find anything useful.

However, Lancelot does not give up and decides to continue the investigation the next day. Jericho is also there, who knew that the fairy would not give up. Teachers and students find a kind of portal and enter it after taking their hand. Nobody has heard of it since that day: despite the efforts of Ban and Elaine, the search has been unsuccessful for years. After a long time, the prince returns as the "prince of the lake" and from here a new story begins for The Seven Deadly Sins.

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