Yoshihiro Togashi was still a little-known mangaka when he published the first chapter of 1992 Yu Yu Hakusho , known in Italy as Yu degli Specters. Just two years later, thanks to this work, he won the Shogakukan Prize, one of the most important in the industry, which underlines the originality of the mangaka even more.

Although OVA specials were released in 2017 to celebrate 25 years of the series, Yu Yu Hakusho remains one of the Shonen series that Fans want to see it in a new look, today that could do much better animations, but of excellent quality, made by the famous Studio Pierrot.

The artist @@ AzouraArt imagined what the series would look like today and decided to animate one of Hiei's secret techniques to achieve an extraordinary result, as you can see in the video at the end of the news. The technique depicted is certainly one of the best views in all of Togahashi's work, and it is Black dragon fire, first shown in anime during the fight between Hiei and Zeru at the Black Martial Arts tournament.

Remember that Hiei and his dragon received a wonderful statue and that the protagonist Yusuke received a loyal and friendly nendoroid.

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