During yesterday's day, the month of the release of The Seven Deadly Sins 4 was officially confirmed, the final season of the anime based on the famous work by Nakaba Suzuki. Shortly after the announcement, however, it was surprisingly shown the first official key visual, and of course there was no shortage of controversy.

Below you can see the picture that shows the whole team. Not all fans welcomed the illustration, which some users called "a failed fan art"or"in perfect line with last season"Of course, after what happened to The Seven Deadly Sins 3, it's normal for the show to be viewed with a little more suspicion.

We remind you that season four will adjust the story arc New holy war (already partially covered by last season), that of the collision with the Demons king and the last bow, known by the temporary title King of Chaos Arch. The third season consisted of approximately 60 chapters in 24 episodes, so it is plausible that the last seventy be adjusted without too many spots.

And what do you think about it? Will you see the new episodes? Let us know with a comment! If you haven't yet restored season three, we would like to remind you that all episodes will be available on Netflix from August 6th.

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