Everything confirmed My Hero Academia will return with a new original episode this summer Images, table of contents and date of publication have already been announced. The OAV entitled "Boku no Hero Academia: Ikinokore! Kesshi no Survival Kunren" (My Hero Academia: Survive! A critical training!) Will be released in an exclusive preview on August 16.

The news was published in the latest issue of Shueisha's weekly Weekly Shonen jumpthat also revealed all the details. The episode will take place shortly before receiving the heroes' preliminary license and show 1-A students dealing with a hostage rescue simulation. The summary anticipates this during the test The floor will collapse unexpectedly, Deku and ten other students catch underground. The group must therefore unite to find a way out.

As reported in the first paragraph, The original episode will debut exclusively on Hulu on August 16and will then arrive on the other streaming platforms. WSJ's unofficial Twitter profile specifies August 20 as the second release date, while other sources are available on August 30. At the moment we cannot confirm which is the right one.

And what do you think about it? Curious about this episode? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we would like to remind you that this will only be the starting signal for the fifth season of My Hero Academia, which is currently scheduled for 2021 and contains new information in October 2020.

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