The Rise of the Shield Hero: We follow Naofumi’s adventure before his return

Thanks to the great success of the winter season last year, the adventures of young Naofumi, star of The rise of the shield hero will return to the screens thanks to the second season of the anime, the release date of which and some other interesting details have finally been revealed.

The first season saw Naofumi grow and rise as a shield hero, and he encountered numerous difficulties in the process. After being practically used by humans, he was believed to be reliable, genuine companions who also wrongly accused him of raping a travel companion. Naofumi only started to believe in herselfand vowed to grow stronger and to defend at all costs the world he was brought to.

However, over the course of his adventure, Naofumi will be able to regain some confidence and establish bonds of true friendship. The first animated implementation of the work created by Aneko Yusagi, with a series that currently includes 22 light novels, ended with this being revealed to viewers There are other heroes, from other worldswith which the protagonist has to compete.

However, we know that is one of Naofumi's goals Leave the borders of the kingdom This room contains all the heroes, which allows him to explore areas where he will surely have to deal with new waves of enemies. The first trailer of the second season, released in September, also showed us that the book that transported the university student into the world he is now in will be updated as the adventures of the protagonist Filo and Raphtalia continue.

However, the most relevant thing about the trailer remains the order in which they are shown numerous characters that we have not yet metand while their roles are not yet fully defined, they could introduce interesting changes to the plot and potentially become new members of the Naofumi team. According to director Masato Jinbo, there will be two new companions for the time being, Rishia and Kizuna. Unfortunately, an exact date of publication of the second season, slated for a generic 2021.

Recall that in the US, the series was accused of supporting slavery and we are leaving you with information about the new season's production.

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