In the 90s, written and drawn by Kazuki Takahashi, Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga made its debut on Weekly Shonen Jump. The story later became best known for the anime and, in particular, the card game that marked his life. Even today, more than twenty years after its debut, the TCG from Yu-Gi-Oh! continues to find fans.

And it all started with this manga that originally didn't even have the card game that made him famous in its midst. Did you know that? Yu-Gi-Oh focused on many games and that the cards came later?

When Yugi Muto received the Millennium Puzzle and was possessed by the spirit of the mysterious Pharaoh, he was in offer many types of games to their opponents. The variety was great and the focus shifted from chapter to chapter to keep bringing new games to the readers. These production mechanics changed completely with the introduction of the card game, also known as the Dueling Monster.

As with other games, Kazuki Takahashi had planned to keep the card game for a few chapters at the most. However, the response from the public was so broad and sensational that the mangaka understood that it had to push in that direction. This is how the Yu-Gi-Oh! what we still know today and what is played over and over again all over the world.

There are many differences between Yu-Gi-Oh-Anime and Manga, while the animated version with Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVEN.

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