There are still about two months to the tragic story ofAttack of the giantsand while the anime's fourth season brings a new version of Eren Jaeger to most fans, showing the results of the growth that occurred in the four years before the attack on the Marley nation.

Although readers of the manga now know the true nature of Eren, that is Madness through the power of the giant ancestor and from the presumption of being able to kill anyone who has no Eldian blood in their veins, the popularity of such a complex and multifaceted character surprised the mangaka Hajime Isayama several times.

In an interview published in the magazine in 2017 Weekly Shonen MagazineIsayama herself commented: "Given that Eren exists because he is closely connected to history, it's pretty difficult to bring him to life. In other words, he's a slave to history. Personally, I don't think I created him very much alive even though I recognize it its popularity with readers seems to say the opposite. "

Very special words, especially about who was the main character for more than half the story, told it Then he went from a protagonist to a genocide driven by values ​​and goals in contrast to what originally made him a soldier in the reconnaissance army. Recall that a fan took on the role of Levi in ​​a cosplay spoiler and that the attack of the giants has more than 100 million copies worldwide.

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