The ONE PIECE manga has long been in the middle of the third phase of Wanokuni. However, the island that will host one of the greatest battles in the Luffy and Companion sagas is even further behind when we talked about the anime. Instead, the implementation of Toei Animation is now facing the second phase of the narrative arc.

Big Mom's arrival at Udon Prison forced Queen to transform into a brachiosaurus and use her own devil fruit. The battle in prison is continued in ONE PIECE 945 where Big Mom will be the protagonist again. But what can we expect from future episodes? For those who don't want to read the manga, the announcements of the titles of the following episodes come to the rescue.

  • A PIECE 946: "Stop the Empress! The Queen's Secret Plan"
  • ONE PIECE 947: "A deadly weapon! Aim the plague bullets at Luffy."
  • ONE PIECE 948: "The counterattack begins! Luffy, the samurai and the red sheaths"
  • A PIECE 949: "I came here to win! Luffy's scream and courage to die"

So beyond the already revealed episode 945, we see the titles of the episodes from ONE PIECE to 949 or those that will keep us busy until the beginning of November. There The fight between Queen and Big Mom continues a little longer than space for Luffy and the samurai of the Nine Red Sheaths and their counterattack.

ONE PIECE is therefore in the process of offering its viewers action-packed episodes and intended for future battle.

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