A network leak claimed that the manga was written and illustrated by Yu Hashimoto, 2.5 Dimensional Seduction (2.5 years no Ririsa), will have an anime adaptation. The leak didn't reveal any production details or a planned premiere date, but that should be noted The work has an important announcement scheduled for next December 9th in Japan.

2.5 Dimensional Seduction

Yu Hashimoto started publishing the manga through the digital service Shōnen Jump Plus from the publisher shueisha in June 2019, and the publisher released the fifteenth volume in October 2022 and will release the sixteenth volume in January 2023 in Japan. This is Hashimoto's first work, so no precedent can be established.

Summary of 2.5 dimensional seduction

"I'm not into real girls!" So says Okumura, the president of the school's manga club. He's a typical otaku obsessed with a sexy (fictional) 2D manga character named Lilliel. Then the new school year starts and a (real!) 3D girl named Lilysa, whose passion is cosplay, joins the club. Lilysa convinces Okumura to be her photographer and guess who her favorite manga character is. Not only that, Lilysa loves modeling fetish stuff! The lines between 2D and 3D begin to blur as this hot-blooded romantic comedy unfolds.

©橋本悠(著) / SHUEISHA集英社

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