Sasuke Uchiha managed to find a Thousand League Falcon and then headed to Tails of the Kara Organization. The anime has therefore turned the page with a new original mini arc that is somewhat reminiscent of Squid Game. He will succeed Boruto is supposed to escape from the maze game in the next episodes of the adaptation?

In Boruto 276 the was inauguratedArch of the Maze Game, in which young Uzumaki and some new acquaintances face a series of deadly trials. Boruto's deadly game will continue throughout the month of December, in which we will then discover the future of the anime. Jump Festa will announce whether Studio Pierrot will return to adapt the events of the manga, or whether production will be suspended to undertake a new project related to the franchise.

Before you discover this, however, the titles of the Boruto episodes from 279 to 281. The first of this series will be broadcast on December 12, 2022 under the title "The Seven Walls". The fight for survival requires overcoming certain walls.

It continues on December 18, 2022 with Boruto 280, entitled "Breakthrough". What kind of turning point will the original anime saga go through? Boruto and the others will seek direct confrontation with Ouga, and in the meantime, Sarada and the others will try any means possible to find out the whereabouts of the missing companion.

L'Episode 281 of the series stimulate the community to think. Titled The Eight Truth, the protagonist will make a sensational discovery. What is the eighth truth? We know that a Kara misfit has appeared in this saga. May Ouga prove to be the oneEighth Heart of Kara, the second original after Deepa? The Saga of Code may begin in Boruto in January.

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