Chapter 345 of Black Clover delves into Asta's character by emphasizing a side of him that has never been seen before. Always cheerful and sunny, ready to pick himself up and take on any challenge that was thrown at him, this time the Protagonist of Yuki Tabata's Shonen seems to have fallen into a dark and dangerous abyss.

L'Final story arc of Black Clover he has already given moments of great emphasis, situations that, however, undermine Asta's certainties. In this first phase of the final saga, the protagonist suffered a sensational defeat against Lucius, saw Sister Lily transformed into a monster, and was eventually defeated by Ichika as well. All of this resulted in Asta being faced with a problem he had never thought of before. Is he truly capable of keeping his promises, or is he destined for Yuno to become the Magic Emperor in his place?

Until now he had actually neglected these emotions of his and suppressed them in a remote corner of his psyche, and that is only thanks to the words of the strongest of the Seven Ryuzen Asta acknowledges his mental weakness.

Probably auction just needs Return to his captain's side, Yami, who would have helped him with a few exhaustive words to solve this situation. Will Asta be able to move forward and overcome the mental limitations that recent events have imposed on him? However, we remind you that Black Clover is back on hiatus.

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