Now we can't go back. The Straw Hat Pirates met Vegapunk, the world's foremost and most intelligent genius ONE PIECE and they slowly discover secrets that the world government wishes to keep well hidden. dr However, Vegapunk's request is not immediately granted due to an invasion.

Egghead was overrun by Rob Lucci and the CP0. That ONE PIECE 1069 spoiler with pictures tell of a big fight, but first there is a mini-adventure that tells about MADS' past and how they were financed by Du Feld, a well-known boss, and also invited to Big Mom's wedding. The "Everything exists for a reason" chapter begins with Lucci trying to attack Luffy, but Kaku and Stussy stop him because they need permission from superiors to attack an Emperor. However, Luffy sees Atlas on the ground and decides to go first At Marine HQ, Akainu learns that Kizaru has gone to Egghead.

back on the island Lucci uses his awakened form and Luffy activates fifth gear. Sentomaru appears with S-Snake (Boa Hancock), S-Shark (Jinbe), and S-Hawk (Mihawk) and must be present on the battlefield to issue orders. A fight ensues, also engaging the Seraphim, with Jinbe crossing his and being shocked. Kaku and Stussy avoid S-Bear's attacks, who obeys Sentomaru while everyone in the surveillance room is amazed at what is happening.

The real Vegapunk appears and asks what is happening to Luffy but they don't know and assume it is a Gom Gom force but the scientist replies that there is no reference to Gom Gom in the old Devil Fruit Book. Instead, the scientist says the Luffy's form is similar to Nika's, a god mentioned in only a few ancient texts. Vegapunk then reveals the origin of the Devil Fruits, which appear to be animated by mankind's desires. However, since they are against nature, the sea hates them and hence water is their enemy.

It's back to Luffy VS Lucci again, with Luffy repeatedly attacking Lucci, who is spitting up blood. Sentomaru arrives nearby and asks the Straw Hat Pirate to take Vegapunk with him, but suddenly Lucci recovers and fiercely attacks Sentomaru. For Lucci, those who can give orders to the Seraphim must be eliminated. ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week.

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