Yoshihiro Togashi has unfortunately failed to be regular with the release of his manga. The Hunter x Hunter serialization has been in fits and starts over the years, especially of late when the The mangaka observed a very long pausethe longest of his entire publishing career.

However, Hunter x Hunter was not fixed, at least in the mind of its author. With work resuming earlier this year, Togashi has progressed to chapter 400 of his manga. And for the future? He arrives a very important revelation of Tanahanaone of his assistants.

Lately, Togashi has given space to his assistants at Weekly Shonen Jump to comment for him. Since the preview of the magazine has already leaked on the net, this assistant's new weekly commentary has also surfaced. β€œThis is where Tanahana writes. All the chapters published now and the 30 that will follow were written four years ago. I can't wait to draw the others."

It means that Togashi wrote up to Hunter x Hunter 430, a very important number of chapters which, unfortunately, have not yet been drawn due to the author's health problems. It therefore seems that the story is solid and that narrative arc may already have been completed. It only remains to be seen how the next chapters will be prepared by the author and his collaborators, who are currently working on chapters 401 to 403, already outlined but not intended for publication.

However, it will still be a few years before it is published in the manga magazine.

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