Shinigami are those beings who control life and death, transporting spirits from the real world to Seireitei, that ethereal and surreal place that welcomes all characters' souls bleaching without making too many differences. Aside from those sent to Hell or nullified by the Quincy, there are multiple souls.

Obviously the reality of this place wasn't always the same, just think of the original Gotei 13 and their behavior, but this is a matter that predates the creation of the Bleach story thousands of years ago, which relates to the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki concentrated. No, Right now, the Gotei 13 and his Shinigami are much more dutiful and much more disciplinedwith a greater sense of justice.

An example is Rangiku Matsumoto, a captain who, despite his sometimes rather playful nature, is often impeccable, especially when it comes to important matters or high-level battles. The woman was filmed by Oichi, one of the most famous cosplayers, who posted a shot of her on Twitter Rangiku Matsumoto cosplay from Bleach. The Shinigami uniform is always the same, that is, a long black robe with white trimmings that is worn much more loosely, especially in the chest area, just like the character in the manga and anime.

On the right you can see the zanpakuto ready to be lined, while another important detail is the leather belt emerging from the folds, with the kanji “10” printed on it to refer to the division to which it belongs and its rank from the deputy captain. However, in the new anime, it's time to discover the origins of Unohana.

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