To celebrate his imminent return on the pages of My hero academiaMangaka Kohei Horikoshi shared an unedited sketch of Nejire Hado on his Twitter profile. Apparently, the heroine will be decisive in the fate of the clash between Pro Heroes and Union of Villains.

My Hero Academia's story "Paranormal Liberation War" is a real staging Carnage between heroes and villains. But as this violent saga comes to an end, one character is about to return.

As before with Mirko, Kohei Horikoshi celebrated on Twitter the entry of Nejire Hado with a fantastic unpublished sketch. The young heroine is a third-year student of Yuei High School and a member of the Academy's Big Three. But if the skills of Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki have already been highlighted, Nejire has not yet had a chance to perform.

So this could be the perfect opportunity for that end up in the spotlight. How will Nejire contribute to the battle? In the meantime, important news has been announced about two protagonists of My Hero Academia. Between fears and declarations of love, the feelings of Uraraka were revealed in chapter 289 of My Hero Academia.

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