The Zodiac Knights is a series that has brought so many special and iconic characters to the world of manga and anime. Masami Kurumada's vision, which was heavily influenced by the '80s, has managed to catch on so much around the world that it's still relevant and, in many ways, continued with sequels and spin-offs.

There are actually many Saint Seiya series that have dramatically expanded this universe, but the most famous phase is the initial phase. Now it's possible to watch the Knights of the Zodiac original series in HD, a great way to hop back into one of the most iconic sagas in Japanese pop culture. The Saga of the Twelve Houses in particular bears some of the most epic battles in the series thanks to the presence of the powerful golden knights.

To close the circle of the twelve golden knights, we arrive at the last house. The last knight is Aphrodite of the Fishes, golden knight in the zodiac sign Pisces. Aphrodite is a man with long blue hair, very handsome, and always at hand with roses, which are not only aesthetic ornaments, but also weapons, especially with their thorns, which can also put her in a comatose state and very close to death .

He was the last golden knight to appear before the protagonists ascended Holy Seiya and faced Andromeda, with the latter taking command to keep companion Pegasus running. After losing the battle, he dies, is brought back to life by the forces of Hades and ordered to murder Athena and return to the sanctuary. However, he is stopped and ends up banished to the world of the dead along with Deathmask of Cancer. Will come back sometime sacrifice your spirit along with the other golden knightspave the way to Elysium.

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