After summarizing the Hunter x Hunter York Shin City saga last week, we move on to today The Greed Island Saga. It consists of chapters 120 to 185 of the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi and shows the protagonists trying new challenges.

With Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 already available on MangaPlus is the return of Yoshihiro Togashi the writing of the work is official. We can only be glad that the master has overcome his physical problems (at least partially) and has returned to drawing the tables Hunter X Hunter.

Let's continue with the summary of the Greed Island saga. At the end of York Shin City saga we were left with Hisoka in the desert with Quoll, while in the city Kurapika caused Pakunoda to kill himself after revealing the memories of the final events to the companions ghost brigade .

We then reach the Southernpiece auction, where Gon and Killua manage to get among the 21 who will participate in the video game island of greed. After discovering that it's set in a real place, they get to know it Cookie Krugerwho will continue to train with the two young hunters.

Meanwhile, three mysterious Greed Island players call themselves boomersstart stealing the cards (the aim of the game is to collect 100) from the other players. In real life it is ghost brigade arrives at Greed Island but is rejected by razorone of the creators of the video game.

Gon, Killua, and Biscuit, along with the other players, try to collect all the cards before Boomer. In the end, they have to challenge Razer in different competitions, together with Hisoka and other hunters can defeat Razer and his team in a game of dodgeball to earn a map and intel Jinanother creator of the game.

As Gon and his team prepare to take on the Boomers at dodgeball, the Ghost Brigade recruits CallutoKillua's younger brother who takes the criminals and Hisoka to the exorcist Abenganewho must free Quoll from Kurapika's curse.

After practice, Gon, Killua, and Biscuit defeat the Boomers and their leader at dodgeball. Gensurubecoming the first to complete Greed Island. Biscuit gets separated from the boys, who instead go after Jin. The two must choose a card to use in the real world and their choice falls to "companion", however this leads to Gon and Killua meeting up KaitoHunter telling Gon about his father instead of Jin.

This is how the saga of Greed Island ends, appointment for next Tuesday Summary of the Antichimera Saga.

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