The zodiac knights is one of the most iconic brands of all time. The challenges that Pegasus had to master together with its passengers in 35 years of series, echo to this day without the story being interrupted. In fact, many spin-offs and sequels are afoot, some with different characters and others with the original protagonists.

We saw Seiya fight many enemies and unleash some techniques that he then used to win. From these clashes of The Knights of the Zodiac, we can get an idea of ​​Pegasus' abilities, his fighting style, and his attacks. From those presented at Saint Seiya, what is the strongest fighting technique from Pegasus?

Mainly, Pegasus has three attacks available when wearing bronze armor, which are upgraded depending on the armor and the situation. There's the Pegasus Rolling Crash, perhaps the least known attack, then the iconic Pegasus Lightning Bolt that has evolved a lot over the course of the series, and then what we think is the best attack by Pegasus at this point, the Fist of the Comet of Pegasuswhich consists in combining all the discharges of the Pegasus Lightning Bolt in one shot.

When wearing archer armor, Pegasus amplifies all of these attacks, but receives two new ones. Of these, Cosmic Star Arrow is Pegasus's most powerful attackconsisting of a golden arrow that can pierce any armor.

Seiya's evolution was clear, but have you ever wondered how long the story of The Knights of the Zodiac lasts?

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